This book traces the steps of one of Hamburg’s wealthiest and, at the same time, one of its most secretive citizens during the early 19th century – John Fontenay (1770 – 1835). It thus presents for the first time to a broader public the results of years of extensive research concerning the origin, the life, and the work of this Hamburger who immigrated from America, whose melodious name is connected with Hamburg’s most beautiful landmark, the Alster, more than hardly any other. The history of the cosmopolitan and merchant John Fontenay takes the reader on a journey through six decades. Starting from the Channel Island Jersey and the American ports of Boston and Philadelphia, it goes all the way to Hamburg, the chosen home of the exceedingly successful ship broker, merchant and gentleman John Fontenay.

160 pages, app. 100 colored and bw. pictures
24.5 x 17.5 cm, hardcover/linen in jacket
ISBN 978-3-937843-25-4

29,80 €